Can I Pay Cash on My Medical Imaging 2

Can I Pay Cash on My Medical Imaging?

The holidays are here and one great way to save money better spent elsewhere is to use Medmo’s exclusive cash pay discounts for your medical imaging needs. If you’d like to use your insurance, Medmo can take care of that for you too. To better decide if paying cash will benefit you, we suggest you take these steps before hitting up the ATM. 

  • Consider your situation

First, you need to know what your deductible is and how close you are to meeting it. A deductible is the amount that you are required to pay out of pocket before your insurance covers the remaining costs. For example, if you have a $500 deductible, and you have $1,200 in medical expenses for the year, you’ll have to pay the first $500, and your insurance will cover the remaining $700. It’s also important to know that most deductibles reset in January. Cash payments make the most sense when you’re seeking care for something your deductible may not cover or if you know you won’t meet your deductible in time for insurance to come into effect. Make sure you have enough money saved to go towards your deductible as well, should you need it. 

  • Shop Around

Healthcare prices vary, so let Medmo take the lead on this one. Provide us with your insurance information and desired price point, and we can provide you with a clear list of services in your area. When scheduling your appointment, be sure to tell us to ask about cash payments for you. 

  • Insist

It may be difficult to gather the true cash price from healthcare providers. Many have contracts with insurance companies so undercutting the negotiated price might violate said contracts. Ask directly, “how much would my care cost with my insurance” and “how much if I pay in cash”, or better yet, have your Medmo representative ask for you. 

  • Talk with your insurer

Most insurers won’t count cash payments towards your deductible but it varies between companies and policies. Request an itemized bill from your doctor’s office and submit that to your insurance company, asking whether or not your payment can be applied to your deductible.

  • Talk to us

Medmo’s Customer Success Managers have years of experience in prioritizing patients’ needs, especially when it comes to their finances. Through our chat box or through email, we help folks determine which payment method is best for them and their situation. The price ranges for specific scans are clearly labeled on our site for reference. 

To book a scan, visit us at Medmo helps people schedule radiology imaging tests – such as MRI, CT scans, PET, and more – at nearby accredited centers and identify the payment solution that works best for them.


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