Medmo: A New Way to Find Affordable Medical Imaging

We created Medmo to address one of the most pressing issues in America right now: a widespread lack of access to affordable medical care. 

For too long, people have had to deal with high and unpredictable prices, along with surprise bills and insurance denials.

Imagine going to the supermarket to purchase a gallon of milk, but there’s no price in the aisle. You bring the gallon to the checkout but still can’t get a straight answer on price. It may cost $2. Or $10. Who knows. It depends on factors that can’t be predicted. You’re thirsty, so you take it home. A week later, you get a bill for $25. When you call the grocery store to complain, you’re told there’s nothing they can do.

No one would ever buy groceries like this – so why tolerate these conditions when obtaining healthcare? If you need an MRI of your knee, how much should you be prepared to pay? $500? $2000?

Medmo restores control and predictability to the process of obtaining medical tests. In fact, we start by asking your budget, then connect you with a center that can take your price. 

We’re starting with medical scans, like MRI or CT, since they’re so common and their prices are so high and variable. 

If you need a scan, it’s simple. Just tell us what you need and the most you can afford to pay. We reach out to our partner centers and book your scan with the first one that can take your price. You pay in advance, so you don’t need to fear surprise bills after your scan. 

We work only with accredited centers that have met standards for safety and quality. We also make sure that your payment covers an interpretation and copy of the images.

If we can’t arrange your scan at your price, there’s absolutely no cost. So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay your medical care another day. Get the test you need at the price you can afford. We’re here and ready to help.

Christopher Kelly, MD (Founder and CEO)
Shaun Tobias (Founder and CTO)


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Medmo: A New Way to Find Affordable Medical Imaging

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