We make medical imaging easy for your practice

Medmo is an all-encompassing medical imaging workflow solution for ordering providers. From patient engagement, to scheduling, to retrieving results, Medmo handles your entire workflow.

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Man laying on a MRI bed being examined by a doctor

An all-encompassing
medical imaging solution.

Any imaging exam. Any insurance type. Anywhere in the U.S.

Patient engagement


Care coordination

Result retrieval

Improve patient adherence by 30%

Relative to their existing baseline, we’ve helped our physician partners directly increase their average patient adherence and compliance by 30%.

If you use your own imaging facilities, Medmo helps increase their utilization and reduces leakage. If your patients fulfill orders at external facilities, Medmo allows you to track their appointments and ensure they receive the best follow-up care.

Reduce admin burden
on imaging by 95%

With Medmo, your staff’s admin burden decreases dramatically — to the tune of 30 hours for every 100 orders.

The best part? No more patient chasing and following up with imaging centers for results. Medmo does all the heavy lifting, centralizing your imaging data in one place.

Cut expensive medical encounters in half

Medmo schedules patients based on provider and patient preferences.  Have a preferred network?  No problem. Medmo schedules at your preferred centers or with pre-approved high-value facilities. On average, we reduce expensive encounters by 50%.

Improve your turnaround times by 2x

By removing administrative barriers in real-time, Medmo schedules more appointments, faster. Our technology suite ensures that appointment results reach your office within 24 hours of being available, which leads to more timely follow-up appointments.

360˚ visibility, 

all in one place

Medmo creates your singular source of truth for every patient’s care journey.  Real-time updates, appointment tracking, and result-retrieval at your fingertips.

How it works

Step 1

Send orders right from your existing workflow

Step 2

We schedule with patients and manage admin work

Step 3

Patients get their exam and you get the results

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How Medmo Compares

Order sent directly to
imaging center

Order sent to

Access to all imaging centers

Consistent concierge like patient experience

High completion rates

Real-time tracking and updates

Consistent workflow nationally

Staff efficiency

Timely report retrieval

Your patients deserve the best.

We’re on a mission to make medical imaging painless for our physician partners—and for their patients. 

If you’re a provider looking to increase patient satisfaction and decrease the administrative burden on your staff, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

We’d love to learn more about your practice and how Medmo can help.

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